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Kids in Hip Hop Dance Class

NJ Kids & Teen Tap Dance Classes 

Union, NJ's Top Studio for Fun, Friendly Tap Dance

Susie Karlik’s Dance Sensation is located in Union, NJ, and offers classes taught by highly trained instructors for students of all skill levels. Our tap dance classes are for all kids and teens looking for a fun and healthy outlet. An outlet that will help increase their confidence & conscientiousness as their tap skills develop. Our dance instructors work with each child to ensure they are achieving their personal best with the support of our friendly, fun, and safe dance community. You are sure to find the right class for your child at Susie Karlik’s Dance Sensation.

"This school has amazing staff and it’s just an amazing place for my girls to grow. My girls have been dancing since they were 2, they’re 7 now. The girls love the friends they have made. I can also see the progression and passion my girls have for dance since joining this studio. Would highly recommend."

-Karina R. 

We love our students & parents &
they love us!


Tap dance is a unique dance style that allows for continual evolution and individual interpretation. Tap originated in the US through the fusion of various percussive ethnic dances, including Irish, Scottish, and English Clog dancing, jigs, buck dancing, and West African dances. In the late 20th century, it is believed that tap was nurtured in New York City by a variety of ethnic groups combining their unique rhythms and styles, which led to the growth of dance competitions and piqued interest in tap dancing around the world.


Tap dancing is a dynamic style of dance that continuously evolves as each dancer makes it their own, making it exciting, and inviting to all. There are two significant variations to tap dance; rhythm dancing (jazz) and Broadway tap. Rhythm dancing (jazz) focuses on musicality and grants practitioners the sense of being a part of the long-loved jazz traditions. The other side of Broadway tap focuses on dance and can be seen across the hallowed halls of musical theater throughout the years.


With a variety of options, our classes will bring your child or teen into the beautiful world of tap. Our classes build strength, coordination, and confidence while building up their dancing skills and becoming a part of the exciting world of tap dance.

Tap Dance 


What to Expect In Our Dance Studio

Many teens and children have developed their love of and skill in tap dancing at Susie Karlik’s Dance Sensation over the last 25 years. The Union, NJ dance studio offers two large dance rooms with state-of-the-art sound systems to create a safe and stimulating place for children and teens to practice dance while their parents wait in our comfortable lounge room.


All skill levels are accommodated, with introductory classes for beginners who have never stepped on a dance floor and high-skill classes for those experienced dancers. Many of Susie Karlik’s students compete and place in dance competitions and choose to continue on to compete with college-level dance teams.


With qualified and enthusiastic dance instructors creating a positive and exciting environment, your child will grow and excel in their confidence and technical tap skills! Along with becoming skilled dancers, your child will build self-confidence and friendships. Susie Karlik’s Dance Sensation offers a fun and challenging environment to help your child grow. We have students come to Susie's dance studio from all around greater Union, NJ, including East Orange, Elizabeth, Hillside, Irvington, Linden, Maplewood, Millburn, Newark, Plainfield, Summit & Westfield. Sign up today.

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