Dance I,II,II – This class emphasizes coordination and motor skills through imagination, songs, and movement with music and props.  The foundation for ballet and tap begins by teaching positions, preliminary dance steps and progression across the floor.  Children also learn to take turns and share within a group.   For ages 2 ½ – 4 ½ 
Pre-Combo – This class incorporates a combination of ballet and tap, and teaches coordination, rhythm, and basic terminology.  Children also begin to count music, which improves timing.  For ages 5 – 6 ½
Ballet -  Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance.  Proper ballet technique is important to a student’s development.  We concentrate on proper body placement through barre and center work, building muscle, improving posture, using correct terminology, and building self-esteem in a technically structured class.

Jazz – This class involves a great deal of technique, incorporating styles ranging from the latest music videos to Broadway musicals.  Flexibility is increased and muscles are strengthened through the teaching  of various dance tricks, jumps and extensions.


Lyrical – Lyrical incorporates the use of balance, isolations, and extensions along with techniques learned in ballet, jazz, and modern dance to create physical interpretations of music.  This form of dance lets students use their emotions while keeping with their classical training.  This class must be taken with two 2 ballet classes per week.


Tap – Rhythm, timing, and tap terminology are taught at every level.  Students learn to master steps such as time step, buffalo, and maxi ford.  Tap combinations are put to music the SKDS way!

Hip-Hop – The hip-hop class integrates the five styles of original hip-hop dance, including locking, popping, breaking, house dance, and 90’s hip hop. Students learn the foundation of each style, as well as their origins.


Pointe – When sufficient strength in ballet is developed, students may take pointe. Teacher recommendation and two ballet classes per week are required.


Zumba – Ditch the Workout, join the party!  Zumba routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.  Participants are constantly engaged and entertained with the variety of rhythms that include salsa, meringue, belly dancing, cumbia, flamenco, hip-hop, reggaeton, and more!  So join our fitness party and make fitness fun.