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Dance Recitals
Dance Recital

Our annual dance recital will be held at Roselle Park High School.  Tickets will be sold in advance at the studio.  Each year, every student is rewarded with a medal.   All dancers will wear costumes for each recital dance they participate in.


Costume Fees

A costume fee of $95 per costume will be due no later than November 5th for each costume.  Recital tickets cannot be purchased unless all tuition fees, including June tuition, and costume fees are paid in full.  A $5 late fee will be added monthly for each costume not paid in full by December 21st. All costume fees must be paid by Cash or Check only.


Costume fee includes: costume, tights, accessory (if any), hair accessory (if required), & steaming.

(tentative dates)
Dress Rehearsal - Friday, June 16, 2021

Recital - Saturday, June 17, 2023
(held at Roselle Park High School)

Recital Picture Day - May TBD
Recital Ticket Sales - May TBD
(held at SKDS)

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